Innovative, integrated, intelligent

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control

Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (IMC) technology revolutionises the construction industry by connecting man and machine, resulting in superior performance. The semi-automatic excavators and crawlers come with IMC technology already built-in, enabling maximum efficiency, precision, and safety. Customers have reported up to 40 per cent increases in productivity at their construction sites, highlighting the effectiveness of this innovative technology.

    IMC construction machines at Kuhn

    The power of man-machine collaboration

    On Komatsu construction machines equipped with IMC, the operators’ role extends beyond just operating the machine. They also act as a signaller and monitor the system. This results in greater precision in the work being carried out.

    Features of intelligent Machine Control

    Working with smart machines minimises the risk of excessive excavation, as the bucket edge will automatically stop when the desired grade is achieved. This is particularly helpful when working on complex designs.

    In traditional construction practices, grading requires a high level of expertise and precision. However, with Komatsu’s intelligent construction machines, even beginners can perform this task with ease. The machine’s advanced technology automatically aligns the boom and bucket with the design surface during each grading pass, raising and lowering them automatically. All the operator needs to do is control the grading speed.

    Intelligent Machine Control technology makes it much easier to deliver slopes and complex designs. The angle hold function maintains a constant bucket angle during final grading or trimming work, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

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