Keep an eye on wear

Control undercarriage wear for optimum performance

Crawler or tracked vehicles with an undercarriage rely on a wide range of components. These complex machines are expected to perform with precision, even under heavy loads. 

Komatsu undercarriages boast an exceptionally long service life. However, some wear and tear on undercarriage components is inevitable due to heavy loads. With the Komatsu undercarriage (KUC) inspection service, you can keep track of the status of wear parts and ensure optimal performance.

Komatsu Original-Laufwerke

    Komatsu undercarriage inspection service

    The result of efficient undercarriage maintenance

    With the help of Kuhn’s expert technicians, you can stay informed about necessary maintenance measures for your Komatsu construction equipment. This allows for better planning of repairs and helps to avoid downtime and the need for expensive replacement parts.

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