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Powerful equipment for the construction industry at Kuhn

Kuhn provides powerful construction machines that are essential for residential and commercial construction projects. The versatile machines are equipped with the latest technology to ensure efficiency in realising your construction projects. We collaborate with renowned manufacturers like Komatsu or FRD, so you can count on the reliability of our construction machines.

Construction machinery for rent: We also offer rental options for construction machinery, for instance, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and dump trucks – which allows for extra flexibility and helps you minimise costs.

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    Powerful machines for your construction project

    Construction equipment available at Kuhn

    For increased efficiency on the construction site

    Multifunctional construction machinery at Kuhn

    Kuhn’s powerful equipment serves as productive support on the construction site in various ways:

    • Komatsu excavators are used for digging trenches for foundations that are essential for the stability and safety of building structures.
    • Wheel loaders and dump trucks transport construction materials quickly and safely to the job site.
    • Our range of demolition tools includes jaw crushers or scrap shears for efficient demolition and reduction work.
    • Dozers create even surfaces for building stable structures.