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Rubber tracks from Kuhn

By using Kuhn’s high-quality rubber tracks, you will bring your construction equipment to peak performance levels! The advanced rubber tracks contribute significantly to the longevity and safety of your construction machinery.

    Advanced rubber track technology

    Cracks along the edges of rubber tracks significantly reduce their service life. Kuhn’s Pro-Edge rubber tracks feature rounded steel inserts and extra rubber volume on the edges – making them exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

    High levels of vibration can negatively affect the driving comfort of construction equipment and thus the health of operators. Conical metal bars help reduce machine vibration.

    A special interlocking clasp system ensures that the rubber track cannot come off the guide rail.

    Although Kuhn rubber tracks are very robust, in rare cases they may crack or snap. The special anti-rust coating prevents damage to the steel cordings caused by rust.

    A block pattern profile improves the anti-slip safety of the rubber tracks.

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