Sustainable & cost-efficient

Remanufacturing at Kuhn

Komatsu Reman is Komatsu’s exchange programme at Kuhn. You’ll receive remanufactured replacement components that have been cleaned, tested and restored to the highest standards. Each part is checked for functionality and up-to-dateness and replaced if necessary. The result: modernised machines that differ only in price from the new models.

    Remanufacturing process at Kuhn

    What happens to your exchanged components?

    The returned parts are restored to their original condition as far as possible according to strict guidelines using the latest remanufacturing technology. For this purpose, they are disassembled, cleaned and tested.

    Defective components are replaced with original spare parts or remanufactured. If possible, even more modern replacement components are used before the product is carefully reassembled. After further testing, the product is re-painted and added to the Reman stock.

    Advantages of remanufacturing at Kuhn

    Komatsu Reman components are up to 40 per cent cheaper than new components.

    The components do not just get repaired, they are overhauled. So you can be sure that worn parts are replaced. Reman components thus work reliably – and boast the usual Komatsu quality.

    Remanufacturing is carried out according to original OEM specifications. For this reason, the Reman components have the same service life as new parts. 

    Komatsu Reman components come with a warranty of at least the same duration as new components. This makes your investment extra secure.

    Remanufactured components save a lot of waste, so they have a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

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