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Komatsu compact wheel loaders from Kuhn

Komatsu compact wheel loaders are particularly versatile due to their compact size. The dependable construction machines are indispensable for efficient material handling on construction sites where space is limited.

Kuhn offers a range of compact wheel loader models. With operating weights between 5 to 7.5 tonnes, varying bucket volumes, tipping loads, and engine power, they are suitable for any construction project. Despite the differences in specifications, all models share the same high-quality Komatsu construction standards.

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Komatsu compact wheel loaders in detail

Komatsu compact wheel loaders are smaller than conventional wheel loaders, which makes them ideal for use on uneven terrain where larger machines may not be suitable. They are also incredibly versatile due to a wide range of attachments that can be used with them.

Komatsu’s construction machines are developed with a focus on operator comfort and ease of use. The ergonomically designed driver’s seat is positioned to provide optimal visibility, ensuring that operators can easily and safely manoeuvre the machine. This makes the machines user-friendly and suitable for both experienced and inexperienced operators.

KOMTRAX, the machine monitoring system, is a standard feature on all Komatsu compact wheel loaders. It helps to monitor key operating parameters, ensuring maximum productivity, improved operational planning and predictive maintenance.

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