The future is smart

Komatsu Smart Construction at Kuhn

The future of construction relies on digitalisation – at Kuhn, we are convinced of this. Through the use of connected software and hardware components, communication between the construction site and the office becomes significantly easier. This results in more efficient use of labour, machines, and materials, which in turn leads to increased efficiency in all phases of the construction project.

Although digital transformation is a necessary development, the path to digitalisation can be challenging in everyday construction. Research, selection, and implementation of smart tools along with employee training can be time-consuming and often gets deprioritised in day-to-day business. At Kuhn, we can assist you with these challenges – and help you reap the benefits of smart construction in no time.

    Expert assistance from Kuhn’s digitalisation specialists

    Possible Komatsu Smart Construction tools

    Stay on top of your project with precise visualisation! Make use of design, terrain, drone and machine data to create a digital twin. The Smart Construction Dashboard enhances productivity and streamlines decision-making via:

    • intuitive 3D visualisation
    • progress updates – available at any time
    • 360-degree all-round view – past, present and future data can also be viewed
    • cloud solution – always accessible via web browser

    Equipped with the latest technology, smart construction drones can capture a bird’s eye view of your construction project safely, quickly, and easily. This allows for efficient data acquisition and analysis, seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow.

    With Smart Construction Edge technology, you can create 3D terrain maps from drone data – quickly and cost-effectively. The technology utilises an automated integrated GPS to position the drone, making ground control points obsolete. This results in a highly efficient data processing method that surpasses other solutions currently available on the market.

    With Smart Construction Remote, you can now save valuable resources such as time, fuel and money. This advanced tool allows you to remotely manage your construction project from the comfort of your office. You can transmit current terrain data directly to the machines or carry out remote maintenance. Smart Construction Remote offers a reliable connection to all construction machines using the latest GNSS systems by Topcon and Trimble.

    “What if?” When planning your construction project, it’s important to consider a range of future scenarios. Smart Construction Simulation – powered by AI – allows you to make data-driven decisions and minimise uncertainty. The tool takes into account various factors such as your fleet, ground conditions and the weather to provide accurate calculations and enable quick, reactive decisions.

    Efficiently monitor the key performance indicators of your construction fleet – with Komatsu Smart Construction Fleet. This advanced tool provides you with a mobile app that automatically collects and analyses the most important data. By identifying potential issues early on, you can significantly improve your transport routes and increase efficiency.

    Don’t worry if your construction machinery fleet does not have an integrated IMC system! With Smart Construction Retrofit, you can retrofit a compact and cost-effective 3D machine control system. The easy-to-install kit can turn any conventional machine into a smart version of itself within a day, allowing you to keep up with the latest technology.

    No more cumbersome paper plans! Instead, opt for optimally visualised 3D site data that can be shared, reproduced and updated. With Smart Construction Design, expert 3D designers create accurate and high-quality 3D profiles that are optimised for use in your machine control systems. This allows you to focus on your core business while Smart Construction Design takes care of the digital design aspects.

    Manage your labour, equipment and material costs in real time with the Smart Construction Field tool. With this mobile app, you can easily monitor your construction site and receive real-time updates from the field. Say goodbye to pen and paper and hello to a digital and streamlined construction process.

    With Smart Construction Insights’ smart control centre, you have access to up-to-date information on your ongoing construction projects – packaged in a concise summary. This allows you to make informed decisions based on factors such as progress, productivity and profitability. The comprehensive overview helps you identify potential bottlenecks before they impact efficiency or your financial performance.

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