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Construction machinery for waste management and recycling

Paper, metal, aluminium, plastic, and PET: Manufacturing and the industrial sector generate vast amounts of waste every day. The public’s increasing interest in sustainability makes specific measures in waste management and recycling necessary. In the process, valuable resources can be saved and environmental pollution reduced.

Kuhn offers a wide range of construction machines that provide you with ideal services in the context of waste management and recycling. The powerful machines are indispensable in the collection, sorting and processing of waste.

Rent and stay flexible – with our attractive rental options that offer you maximum variability and minimum costs. Choose from state-of-the-art excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, as well as screening and crushing plants to help you optimise waste management and recycling processes. 

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    Construction machinery used in waste management and recycling

    Useful support in waste management and recycling

    Kuhn’s construction machinery supports you in various areas of waste management and recycling. Our product portfolio includes the following, for instance: