Code of conduct Kuhn Gruppe

Since the company was founded in 1973, the KUHN Group has earned a reputation as a reliable and fair partner. These values, which are also anchored in the company philosophy, make the KUHN Group a respected international family business in the construction machinery trade, loading technology and mechanical engineering sectors. To ensure this, the Compliance Guideline is intended to be our ethical and legal guide. It contains basic rules for our fair, open and integrity behaviour within the KUHN Group as well as towards our business partners, suppliers and competitors. In accordance with the corporate philosophy, ethical standards and a loyal corporate and management structure are intended to strengthen the competitiveness and market position of the KUHN Group in the long term.

Every employee and business partner of the KUHN Group influences the reputation of the company through their actions - both positively and negatively. The KUHN Group includes all Group and associated companies in which KUHN Holding GmbH directly or indirectly holds at least 50 % of the share rights or otherwise controls the business activities. All employees are expected to follow the rules of the Compliance Policy. It may be the case that applicable national law as well as specific company regulations set stricter standards than those contained in these guidelines. In such a case, the stricter standards shall apply. Care is taken to ensure that business partners of the KUHN Group also comply with the Compliance Policy. The policy can be found on the Internet at

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