Performance and fuel efficiency

Komatsu motor graders at Kuhn

With their impressive power, high fuel efficiency and unmatched operator comfort, Komatsu motor graders are a perfect solution for efficient and precise grading and levelling operations.

Komatsu’s powerful machines are also a popular choice on construction sites due to their exceptionally easy operation and environmentally friendly EU Stage IV engines.

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Advantages of Komatsu motor graders

Ensuring high operator comfort is essential for safe and productive work on construction sites. The spacious cab of Komatsu motor graders provides an excellent view of the blade as well as the front and rear of the machine. Additionally, vibrations and noise are significantly reduced, creating a comfortable working environment for the driver.

The KOMTRAX telematics system from Komatsu enables you to conveniently monitor the performance and condition of your motor grader from your PC, smartphone or tablet. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can ensure the efficient and successful completion of your construction project.

Switching from torque converter operation to direct drive is the key to achieving optimal fuel efficiency for maximum performance.

The use of flow control and pilot valves guarantees excellent blade control and response, maintaining optimum performance at all times.

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