Innovative hybrid technology from Komatsu at Kuhn

There is a growing global awareness of the environmental impact of wasting valuable resources. Construction sites and mining operations are known to produce high levels of CO2 emissions.

Komatsu is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of construction machinery by utilising advanced hybrid technologies. Since 2008, the company has been leading the way in the construction equipment industry with their hybrid technology, which is now used worldwide.

    How Komatsu’s hybrid system works

    Construction machines with hybrid technology

    Advantages of Komatsu equipment with hybrid technology

    Purchasing a Komatsu hybrid model means selecting a dependable and innovative construction machine. Hybrid technology makes these machines even more powerful and productive than their conventional counterparts.

    As sustainability gains importance in the construction industry, Komatsu’s powerful hybrid models are a step ahead of the game. These innovative construction machines are able to meet part of their own energy requirements, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and significant improvements to their carbon footprint.

    Komatsu’s hybrid machines operate even more quietly than their conventional siblings. How? The supplemental use of electrical energy keeps the speed of the combustion engine low. The result: powerful machines with maximum operating comfort that are ideal for use in noise-sensitive locations.

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