Real-time machine monitoring

The Komatsu KOMTRAX telematics system

Would you like to have real-time access to all the essential operating parameters of your machine fleet? The exclusive KOMTRAX machine monitoring system – seamlessly integrated as a standard feature in Komatsu construction machines – offers you just that. 

With KOMTRAX, you’re always up to date on your machines’ current data, performance, and condition. All you need to do is login to the KOMTRAX website on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This invaluable tool allows you to to detect and address issues early on and to plan more efficiently. Best of all, the system is available to you 24/7 – at no additional cost!

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    Advanced functions & features of Komatsu KOMTRAX

    Are you looking to significantly reduce fuel consumption, keep track of operating hours and idle time, and increase productivity? With the Komatsu telematics system, you can optimise your work processes to maximum efficiency.

    • Up-to-date operating data: Detailed reports allow you to keep track of key performance parameters in real time.
    • Driver ID: lets you evaluate your employees’ work to enhance skills and performance.
    • Performance optimisation: Test and compare machine performance to identify areas for improvement.

    With KOMTRAX, you always have an overview of the location and status of your machine fleet:

    • Location detection and alerts for unusual location changes
    • Engine lock function to prevent unauthorised use
    • Fuel level detection with warning function sends an alert if the fuel level drops while the engine is turned off.

    KOMTRAX reduces maintenance costs by providing real-time information and ensuring the operational readiness of your fleet. It allows for the quick resolution of any problems that may arise, preventing interruptions in the workflow. The monitoring system achieves this in the following ways:

    • Displaying error codes: early indication of potential problems
    • Early maintenance information: Oil and filter changes can be carried out on time.
    • Exhaust after-treatments to reduce environmental impact

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