Efficient material flow

Construction equipment for transport and logistics at Kuhn

Efficient material flow is key to reducing working time and costs in the transport and logistics industry. 

Kuhn offers a range of powerful construction machines to optimise material transport and increase safety. From wheel loaders to dump trucks and conveyors, our machines reliably provide support wherever large quantities of material need to be transported.

Our tip: Need a wheel loader or dump truck for a short period of time? Our rental options allow you to enjoy maximum flexibility at minimal cost – no need for a large investment in construction machines.

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    Top selection at Kuhn

    Construction machinery for transport and logistics

    Areas of application in transport and logistics

    Kuhn construction machines are the ideal choice whenever large quantities of materials need to be transported quickly and efficiently. With outstanding performance and multifunctionality, these advanced machines can handle a wide range of tasks, including the transport of bulk materials, earth and more.

    • Our Komatsu wheel loaders are flexible and easy to manoeuvre, perfect for loading material onto trucks or transporting it over short distances. 
    • Komatsu dump trucks are characterised by the large loading capacities of their tiltable bodies, making them fast and efficient at transporting large quantities of bulk materials.
    • Our automated transport systems and conveyors can accelerate material flow both indoors and outdoors, saving you time and money.