Fairness, respect & reliability

Kuhn’s values

Kuhn is dedicated to promoting a free and social market economy. We believe in fostering fair and partnership-based interactions, whether it is within our workforce or with external stakeholders. Communication plays a vital role, and we always strive to maintain a respectful approach that is characterised by reliability and trustworthiness.

    Specialisation instead of generalisation

    Corporate competencies

    Focused – every working day

    Kuhn’s principles

    Kuhn upholds the following principles to ensure the company’s long-term success:

    fostering partnerships and close collaboration with customers and suppliers

    continuous quality assurance and improvement

    continuous strengthening of earning power to protect the company and jobs

    minimising exposure to unpredictable risks

    striving for sustainable and organic growth

    focus on profitability

    avoiding a sole focus on increasing turnover without considering other factors

    Successful together

    Working methods at Kuhn

    At Kuhn, we encourage the professional development of our entire workforce. In return, we expect our employees to be qualified, loyal, committed, and eager to learn. Transparent and open communication about job responsibilities and growth opportunities is equally important. We value collegiality as a fundamental value throughout the Kuhn Group, promoting a harmonious working environment.

    To foster a culture of partnership and collaboration, Kuhn has developed a compliance guideline that serves as an ethical and legal framework. This guideline sets the standards for fair, open, and integrity-driven conduct within the company and in our relationships with business partners, suppliers, and competitors.

    This code of conduct aligns with the company’s philosophy – further strengthening the foundation for continued competitiveness.

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