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If you’re interested in technology and want to pursue a career in the field, an apprenticeship at Kuhn is the perfect choice for you. Through our apprenticeship programme, you will have the opportunity to tackle challenging tasks and receive comprehensive training to become a skilled technical specialist.

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    Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships at Kuhn

    The apprenticeship lasts three and a half years. You will be trained in an extensive and future-oriented field of work in a constantly growing team of top employees.

    Apprenticeships at Kuhn focus on providing training in mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, and mechatronics.

    Besides having good manual dexterity and motor skills, having an interest in technical problem-solving and being comfortable with computer-based activities is an advantage.

    If you are someone who enjoys taking on responsibility, Kuhn also provides opportunities for further training in management roles after completing your apprenticeship.

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