Chieftain 1700 3 Deck

Powerscreen Cribles inclinés Chieftain 1700 3 Deck

The Powerscreen® Chieftain 1700 3 Deck allows users to add an additional deck to the 1700 to create a fourth product. User benefits include a quick set-up time, drop down tail conveyor and screen mesh access system to aid screen media changes and a transverse powerunit arrangement to simplify servicing. Features a radio controlled tipping grid and heavy duty single shaft screenbox with adjustable stroke, angle, and speed.
Output Potential:
500 tph (551 US tph)
Transport Dimensions:
Width: 3.5m Length: 16.53m Height: 3.4m
Working Dimensions:
Width: 17.32m Length: 17.22m Height: 5.89m
CSS Range:
4.8m x 1.5m
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