Material handling

Material handling

Material handlers

Robust machines for demanding material handling tasks 


SENNEBOGEN material handlers are designed especially for highest performance, capacity and maximum reliability and safety. 


Material handling machines are available with robust modular undercarriage solutions (mobile, crawler, rail, gantry and optionally heightened with pylon) for customized applications. 

For maximum comfort and excellent site overview the material handlers are equipped with a hydraulic elevating cabine. With equipment length up to 30 m, different quick-coupling systems and attachments (orange peel grab, clamshell, timber grab, sorting grab, magnet plate, scrap sheer) the material handlers are very versatile.

Applications: Timber handling, port handling, scrap handling, steel mills, recycling, waste, demolition

Overview of all Models


All machine types available with diesel engines and electro-hydraulic drive

Electric excavators

Electric Excavators: Reduced operating costs by up to 50%
Material Handler 818 to 880 available with electric drive   


SENNEBOGEN has been implementing material handlers with electric drives for over 25 years and this experience underlines the status as an innovation leader. Besides the lower operating costs by up to 50% in comparison to diesel engines, there are more benefits of electro-hydraulic drive solutions ensuring that the machine pays for itself in no time:


Extremely low operating costs thanks to low energy costs

Significantly longer maintenance intervals and reduced maintenance costs (no need for fuel and oil filters/oil changes) compared with diesel engines

Always ready for use – no fuelling and no fuel storage required


Modern electro-hydraulic drives work not only cost-efficient, they work extremely environmentally-friendly as well and cause no exhaust fumes. The vibration-free drives and extremely low operating noise increase the comfort for the operator.


Electric excavators can be used stationary, moreover the electric material handlers can be equipped with reel, powerpack solutions or ceiling power supply to operate mobile.


SENNEBOGEN Telehandler – flexible telescopic material handler for recycling, industry, construction and farming


Excellent overview at 4 m eye level with elevating cabine in series.

Lifting height up to 9 m and operating weight up to 10t 

Hydraulic quick coupling for various applications with different attachments (bucket, working platform, lifting fork, crane boom)

Better maneuverability through all wheel steering and all wheel drive

The SENNEBOGEN Multihandler 305

The Multihandler 305 combines the capabilities of a modern telescopic handler with special safety features.

The elevating cab provides the driver with an optimal overview of the goods to be handled, enabling them to carry out the goods handling process safely and optimally.

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